Monday, 30 April 2012

Lookalikes #3


Aw, come on, that's just not fair . . . they're just pointing.  Every president points, dammit . . .

'Pamphlets, leaflets and flyers about Harding's alleged Negro ancestry began appearing on doorsteps, in hotels, and on trains, and some of them contained pictures of the White House with the caption, "Uncle Tom's cabin?"  Racist jokes also circulated.  According to one of them, Sambo asks, "Did yo' heah de big news, Ephum?  Dey done nomernate Mistah Hahding at Chicago".  "Sho!" exclaims Ephraim.  "Who'd de white folks nomernate?"' (Paul F Boller jr, 'Presidential Campaigns', Oxford University Press, 2004, p.216).

I am happy that we have moved on from the 'Amos and Andy' racism of the 1920s (although Jon Stewart's recent imitation of Herman Cain does betray this), but I can't help recalling the stupidity of those journalists back in 2008 carping on about 'race is not an issue in this campaign'.  Translation: race is relevant when the liberal media says it is.  If something is not an issue, it doesn't get mentioned six hundred times a day, nor does it make one candidate more unique or special than any other.  It is for the individual to decide on the relevance of race, and I am happy for it to be mentioned six hundred times a day if it is being discussed constructively, rather than being brought up simply to remind us that it doesn't matter.


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